Friday, June 22, 2007

SMESH SYSTEM mesh network for SME in Indonesia

I was just wondering to develop a mess wireless network infrastructure for small medium enterprise in Indonesia. This system will provide a main function to support their financial information system, groupware between sme, and give to them a direct communication with buyer. My idea is like this:
  • We will develop an embedded wireless with mess wireless network protocol. I called this device as SMESH SYSTEM. In this embedded device, we will install small damn Linux with lighthttpd, sqlite, a light server side script like bash shell cgi script, and all other programs that will support communication and sharing information system. For each SME site, they will only provide keyboard, mouse and monitor. We should provide this technology cheaply.
  • After each sme have this SMESH SYSTEM, we can develop an internet gateway locally. With this infrastructure, each sme will connect directly to the Internet. If they can use the Internet technology, this is a big step for the next step.
  • For next development plan, we can develop many systems that should be support sme to promote and sell their services or products.

I need any big pictures and suggestion from all of you to realize this idea. Thanks.


keng said...

hi mas budi

i thinkkkkkkkk this link might help you to know more mesh networking :D

Anonymous said...

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