Monday, June 18, 2007

Freeware Mobile Application for my n73 S60 3rd

I have upgraded my mobile phone to N73 with Symbian S60 3rd (V3.0704.1.0.1). I found many new experiences with this phone. I was not satisfied with default applications in that phone, specially for supporting IP based communication, so I tried to search some new freeware mobile applications for N73. I found some new freeware applications that already I used in my phone:
  • Opera Mini. This is a great web browser from Opera which supports WAP 2.0.
  • ScreenSnap60. If you want to capture your symbian s60 screen and save it in some picture formats, this is an application that will fulfill your needs.
  • Python for S60. Python is a famous script language in many platforms, including on Symbian S60 3rd. There are many features that support your mobile application development, like SMS, GPRS, PIM, etc.
  • fring. I was so exciting with this application. I can talk with my friend more cheaper than if you use legacy voice communication (I mean with GSM communication), because with Fring you will use GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA as an infrastructure for IP based communication. Moreover, you still can chat with your Google Account, MSN Account, Skype Account or SIP. If you want to use fring, you have to register first at
  • S60Bible. Thanks to Yohanes Nugroho to give us this great application, so I can read bible anytime and anywhere.
  • Gmail for mobile. With this application, I can check, compose, reply, and manage my inbox at GMail everyday. Very usefull and simple application.
  • Google Map. From your mobile phone, you can use opera mini to start downloading GMap for mobile. For my region, Yogyakarta, the map is not detail, but overall this application give me an abstraction about the location.
  • Mobile GMaps, is like Google Map, but with this application you can request for mapping from Google Map, or Yahoo map, with or withour GPS.
  • Playtxt. This is a J2ME application that you can use it for internet messaging with Y!, GTalk, MSN, Jabber, etc.
  • Y-Browser. If you want to manage your detail file system in your Symbian, this application will help you. It's like a File Explorer in you Windows or Gnome/KDE.
If you have any other applications for S60, please share with us. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Cheers budsus - very good list.

Hope you are still enjoying N73.

Application wise I'd suggest Calcium (calculator).

Service wise - Goosync for use with Google calendar.

Charles said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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