Tuesday, March 27, 2007

updated to fc6

I have been updated my fedora successfully, from FC5 (updated) to FC6. But I had some problems after installation. First, my JDK 6 automatically deinstalled by FC6 update process, and replaced by java-gjc-1.4.2. Second, my MonoDevelop, gambas could not be executed. About this one, I should deinstalled manually, and then installed again. But overall, FC6 is very great. I love fedora...:D

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Commitment to Ruby/RoR

The Open Source Software development in Indonesia could be said very stimulating. Many Open Source communities were formed, including the Alumnus's community CICC Indonesia. I have begun to enter in the OSS world since 1998, and I began the OSS movement in the university where I teach in 1999. My students really were attracted by OSS, specially the programming. With the new expertise in Ruby programming and Ruby on Rail, in the near future I plan to continue holding several workshops in several cities to introduce Linux and Open Source Software to Small Business Enterprise to high school teachers and students. As a lecturer, I am eager to teach Ruby on Rail as a subject for Agile Approach for Web Application Framework. That will be an amazing subject for the students.
Also, I wonder if we are able to start a Ruby project together with these Ruby Class participants. This project will produce various tutorials, the example of the program, the video, etc. against Ruby and Ruby on Rail that will be available in various languages in Asia. With this project, it was expected to be able to be made also as the place to share knowledge and the experience towards the utilization of the programming language open source based in Asia (my hope!).
I was also preparing a book about the programming script in Linux that eventually will put Ruby as one chapter especially. I planned also to write Ruby on Rails book after the book one. With this book, I hoped could help to spread Ruby and Ruby on Rail in Indonesia.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Already almost this one week, I and several friends from Thailand, India and Japan tried to formulate one
web site about Ruby and Ruby on Rail that will have a function of as a sharing experience and tutorial about the programming of Ruby/RoR media.
Our discussions could be monitored at Scratchpad.wikia.com.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I found a very rich information blog that was created by Matthew Hurst, a Scientist at Microsoft's Live Labs. I like this blog because I can get many knowledge about Data Mining and Text mining. You can visit this blog at http://datamining.typepad.com/. Happy surfing!

Open Document Format War

This is a good time for me to write again in my blog. Today I read the news about ODF-OOXML that was issued together by Novell and Microsoft. OOXML (Open Office XML) was the product from Novell and Microsoft, whereas ODF (OpenDocument Format) from the OpenOffice community. The two fortifications also issued each other converter for the two formats. Novell officials said late last year that they planned to create a version of OpenOffice that would include Office Open XML (OOXML) file-format compatibility. The other side, Sun was releasing a plug-in for Microsoft Office 2003 that will allow two-way compatibility with the OpenDocument Format, the company announced on Wednesday. This that made confused the user. Why must make separately the format for the document be open?