Tuesday, June 26, 2007

S60 3rd Free Apps (again)

For a couple days, I still try to find more free application for S60 3rd. For today, I have found another web site and applications :
  • DivX Palyer. You can play movies on your mobile phone.
  • W/igo. If you want to make your mobile phone (with camera) to become a web cam, you can try this application. Very nice.
  • S60 Ruby. This is a Ruby interpreter that can be ran at Symbian S60 3rd. Although it doesn't have enough libraries, like PythonS60, but with this interpreter you can learn and create a small application with Ruby on your mobile phone. If you want to install it, you should create a signature for S60 Ruby application. Please refer to this information from mobile9 forum.
  • Symbian-freeware. You can download many freeware applications from this good maintenance site.
  • Series60v3.com. If you could not buy any commercial applications for your mobile phone, this site will help you :D.

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