Friday, June 08, 2007

Tutorial Videos

For some reasons, I need to look any tutorial video to help me know and understand about something, specially about programming. The big resource that provide any videos is and I believe that all of you already knew about that. I have found another web site that provide many videos tutorial about programming, i.e. ShowMeDo. You can learn many cheat and tips about programming at there. Very interesting. You can download all of those videos free. Another an interesting video services is Video Google. This is an example video about Advanced Topics in Programming Languages Series.

For additional information, Java is number one programming language, and Ruby is number 10 based on TIOBE Programming Community Index. Great! I like Java and Ruby (although still learn by self). Programming is a one of most beautiful skill. I love it.

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Ian Ozsvald said...

I'm one of the founders of, I just wanted to say Thank-You for writing about us :-)

It is great to hear that you have learned from our videos. We are introducing some new series which are very comprehensive (1-2 hours long each) which need to be bought. You can see the two examples here for Python:

Just so you know I will shortly be posting a set of 4 free videos for JavaScript and I'd love to have more user-contributions for Java and Ruby :-)