Monday, February 11, 2008

My Favorite mobile IM

At the first time when I changed my phone cell to N73, I have tried to fine a better IM application. First of all, I use mig33 ( . But after a week, I didn't convenient with that. So, I tried to use shMessenger ( This is a good mobile IM application, but unfortunately that application only support Yahoo! IM. I want to use an application with multiple IM protocol. Then, I found fring ( With early fring, I can use GTalk protocol, SIP, Fring, ICQ, but there were no Y! IM. But with the newest fring version (3.30), this application make me happy because they already support Y! IM protocol. So.. fring is the best mobile IM application for me. Right now. :D

Today (the day after I wrote this article), my friend has told me about another better Mobile IM application, i.e. Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz is j2me based application that support multi IM protocol and facebook. I have installed too and want to try it, may be this application can change my favorite, i.e. fring. Let me see...

After almost 2 months, I have decided to use Nimbuzz as my mobile messenger applications. :D Sorry fring.


Markus said...

so what is the result? which one is better? friing or nimbuz?

Budi Susanto said...

after almost a month, I have decided to use nimbuz as my mobile IM applications. Nimbuz very attractive application. I love this app because I can talk in many protocol, especially in Y! and gtalk, and of course because I can interact with my facebook profile. This is a great thing..thanks to nimbuz.