Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Make My Desktop more fancy

I use fedora core 7 with Gnome and Beryl as the desktop management. To make my Beryl Desktop more fancy, I installed Mac4Lin Emerald Theme. This theme really make me more exciting to use Linux Desktop as my operating system in my notebook. To make my Linux Desktop to become most like a Tiger Mac X OS, I installed Avant Window Navigator too. With Avant, I have a fancy launch pad like Mac X OS in my Desktop. Very impressive.

In another thing, in my Linux box, I have installed VMWare Player that playing M$ Windows XP Home Edition (provided by compaq presario V1000 bundled) with SP2 for me. (I have tried VirtualBox to play Fedora Core 8). For my virtual M$ Windows, I want to make the desktop more like Fedora too, so I installed Fedora Transformation Packet. I think this theme is very impressive for my windows.

Here is the example of my desktop with Mac4Lin and Avant :


Deny Prasetyo said...

Ehm... I do that to in Ubuntu. and it work as well as you do.

But i am very curious about oracle with Java. May be you can tell me a little about that.

Almost forget.. I am one of founders of JUG-Joglosemar (Java User Groups on Jogja and Central Java).
I hope you can join and give us more about oracle with Java

Budi Susanto said...

Hi mas Deny,

it's a nice to know you. I have invited you to join in my network at my.netbeans. By the way, about oracle with java, from 9i version, we can write java stored class in oracle database. May be you can try Oracle JDeveloper 10g as java ide too :D. There are many-many template adf that we can use to develop oracle database application easily.

deanet said...

weww ... macOS style nih ...


Kopr@L said...
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Kopr@L said...

Mas2 yg sudah expert.. gw newbie nih di dunia linux.. baru sekarang dah pake linux lagi..

bisa tolong jelasin step by step nya g? gmn caranya fedora 12 gw bisa kyk gambar di atas... lumayan negh bisa buat alternative windows yang harganya sekarang semakin mahal.. hehhehe..

kalau boleh tolong kirim lewat email ya mas.. ke widhie.prihatna@gmail.com

Terima kasih banyak