Thursday, April 12, 2007

Janjiku v 0.1

I have developed an example of MIDlet suite that used RMS to store some data in mobile phone. This application is a simple one. The purpose of this development is to give an example application to my students whose take a subject about Wireless Programming with MIDP. I use NetBeans 5.5 Mobility Pack to develop this application. With this IDE, we can develop a MIDlet very easy because there are MIDP Flow Designer which is with this Flow Designer you can design the interaction flow between your MIDP screen in your application.
I called this application as a Janjiku, and altough I did'nt use a software version control, i will give this application with 0.1 beta version :D. With this application, you can manage your appointment data. I have planning to develop this application in next version. Here are some TODO lists for my Janjiku :
* the application should be have alarm system based on the appointments
* you can save some pictures related to your appointments
* .....etc...etc...etc... :D

I have tested this application in my Nokia 6600. If you want, you can test this application on your mobile phone (supported MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0) too, and please give me your comments. You can download this application from, or you can visit Janjiku at page.

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