Thursday, October 12, 2006

Synchronize PocketPC and Linux with SynCE

Today I have succeed to configure SynCE on my Fedora Core 5 to make synchronize connection with my iPAQ PocketPC Windows Mobile 2003. For this pratice, I used very usefull information from or With SynCE, I can add/remove program, file browsing, check my pda status with SynCE tray icon (see the capture image below).

I am using USB cable to build serial ppp peers connection between pda and linux. At my pocketPC, the ActiveSync program should be run because SynCE already listen and make communication with ActiveSync. This is a very good program, and we can learn many think about serial communication via USB. You should try it.
Here some steps according to synce howto:
as root:
# modprobe ipaq
# synce-serial-config ttyUSB0

as your user session
$ dccm -p passkey

back as root:
# synce-serial-start

Check your Synce Tray Icon, if the icon is active, then your connection is success. If not, please unpluge your usb cable from pda, and then plug it again.

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