Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sharing Internet Connection with Firestarter

Today I have configured my FC 5 as router with Firestarter successfully. Firestarter is all-in one Linux firewall utility that make more easier firewall configuration than iptable. Here is what I have done to my FC5 machine. My Linux is part of our intranet and has 2 LAN Cards, one is connected to intranet and the other (eth1) connected to LAN with IP network address In that machine, I have already install and running configureable firestarter.
For make more easier firestarter configuration, we can use Firestarter for GNOME which has developed by Tomas Junnonen. With that application, we can configure firewall policy. Here are my policy:
  • Inbound traffic policy
    • Allow connections from host:
    • Allow service: all of available services with anyone for the source
  • Outbound traffic policy
    • For restrictive by default
      • Allow connections from LAN host:
      • allow service: all of available services

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